KSalomon 0.1.5 beta review

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KSalomon is a new vocabulary trainer for Kde 3 (Linux)

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Michael Scondo
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KSalomon is a new vocabulary trainer for Kde 3 (Linux). It is open source software written using the Qt and KDE Libraries.

The program is based on the "Leitner" learning system:

The vocabulary is stored in a card index box which can contain several vocabulary files. Words that have been answered correctly on first attempt are moved into a higher folder, where they are asked less often each time.

The number of folders, as well as the time the vocabulary should stay locked is configurable. Words that haven't been answered correctly stay in the folder, or, if they already were in a higher folder, are being moved back down.

Here are some key features of "KSalomon":
Multiple correct answers possible
Easy and fast way to enter words, synonyms, ..., mouse is not needed
The possibility to record and play sounds for every word, description and example
Pictures can be added to words
LaTeX support for e.g. mathematic expressions
Highly configurable
You can specify a font for every language
Special characters can be entered using configurable key combinations
You can assign different colours to parts of speech
Supports the kvtml file format

printing support
Learning mode

What's New in This Release:
Fixed some bugs
patch applied, bugfixing ( Thanks goes to Sven Hoexter )
Latex support ( for mathematic expressions, ... )

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