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Looks Demo lets you compare the JGoodies Looks with the default implementations. It helps you get aquainted with the technical asp

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Developer: JGoodies
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Looks Demo lets you compare the JGoodies Looks with the default implementations.

It helps you get aquainted with the technical aspects of the looks and let you try optional settings that have been introduced by the JGoodies Looks.

The integrated help provides a Developer Reference and additional information about the problems that have been addressed by the JGoodies Looks.

Here are some key features of "Looks Demo":
Simplifying Multi Platform Support

The JGoodies Looks help you support different Java versions and operating systems. Each look is consistent over the Java versions 1.4.0x, 1.4.1x, 1.4.2x, - to the possible extent w.r.t. to features of the underlying Swing API. Java 1.5 is supported, but several micro design improvements have been optimized for the Java 1.4 series.
Also, Plastic and the JGoodies Windows look use similiar widget dimensions and widget font baselines to minimize layout differences between these looks.

High-Fidelity Windows Appearance

The JGoodies Windows look&feel focuses on a precise emulation of the Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000 flavors in the following areas: menus, icons, colors, borders, fonts, font sizes, insets, and widget dimensions. Furthermore, it honors the screen resolution (96dpi vs. 120 dpi) to adjust size constants, insets, and widget dimensions.
Although Plastic is a multi-platform look&feel, it works very well on all Windows platforms, including XP. The Plastic color themes have been optimized for a harmonic integration with the majority of desktops and won't alienate a Windows user.


The ClearLook technology is an add-on to the JGoodies looks and comes with the JGoodies Looks source code packages. It can automatically correct the most critical and typical Swing misuse. The idea behind ClearLook is to let an algorithm do what I have done repeatedly to polish Swing UIs. Metamorphosis was the first step in this approach, where I tried to demonstrate - step by step - how a Swing UI can benefit from a few simple modifications.

Java 1.4.2 or later

The JGoodies Looks can properly change of the look and theme at runtime.
Several other Look&Feel implementations prevent a proper change of the look and may cause paint problems after you've choosen such a look in the Launcher.

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