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Mandrakelinux 10.1 Official is the branch of the operating system dedicated to those who want an advanced and well-stabilized Linux s

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 326920K
Developer: MandrakeSoft
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Mandrakelinux 10.1 Official is the branch of the operating system dedicated to those who want an advanced and well-stabilized Linux system.

10.1 Official provides unparalleled hardware support together with extended integration of mobile and wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and WIFI.

Other key features include GNOME 2.6, enhanced laptop support and new compilers for even greater performance. Users keen on all things "Advanced" need not look any further.

Mandrake 10.1 Official includes the following major software:
Linux Kernel 2.6.8 (and various fixes from 2.6.9rc)
Xorg 6.7.0
KDE 3.2.3
Glibc 2.3.3, GCC 3.4.1
Apache 2.0.50, PHP 4.3.8
MySQL 4.0.18, Samba 3.0.6
Mozilla 1.7.2, GIMP 2.0.4 1.1.3

Here are some key features of "Mandrake":
A mostly automated installation procedure
On the desktop: Mandrakegalaxy II, and MagicDev
Improved configuration, extended hardware support
Simplified system maintenance
All the best Office & Internet applications
Multimedia and games
Servers, Internet and Intranet services
Easy Printing with CUPS
Top-level Security
Everything for Development
Available in more than 60 languages
Supported hardware
All available packages
Prices and ordering

A mostly automated installation procedure:
The graphical installer offers a modern look & feel with consistent layout and anti-aliased fonts.
The default installation process is mostly automated. The individual phases are highly intuitive, and most hardware devices are automatically recognized and configured. Power users can access advanced configuration options at any point of the installation.
The 'type' of installation can be tailored as a desktop or server-oriented system by choosing from various package group categories.
Installation is possible by various methods such as Network installation, CD or DVD installation.
More than 50 languages are supported during installation.
In addition to being able to resize NTFS partitions, the installation procedure provides many unique features such as offering various file systems (including journalized file systems EXT3, ReiserFS, XFS, and encrypted file systems), setting up RAID disks, and resizing MS-Windows FAT32 partitions.
Various network file systems are also supported such as NFS, SMB and WebDAV.
The "auto-install" tool is a convenient way to effortlessly duplicate server and workstation installations.
An easy-to-use rescue mode is available in case of any problems with a system.

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