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SANE Frontends 1.0.13 Graphics
This package contains frontends to SANE ("Scanner Access Now Easy"), including xscanimage, xcam, and scanadf
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Scilab Image Processing Toolbox 0.4.0 Graphics
SIP stands for Scilab Image Processing toolbox
GPL (GNU General Public License)
electricsheep 2.6.8 Graphics
electricsheep software owes its name to Philip K
GPL (GNU General Public License)
CYCAS 3.80.1 Graphics
CYCAS is a 2D+3D CAD package for drafting and design in high quality and for creating 3D presentations and technical illustrations ea
Free for non-commercial use
pygame 1.7.1 Graphics
Pygame is a set of Python modules designed for writing games
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
feh 1.3.4 Graphics
feh is a fast, lightweight image viewer which uses imlib2
BSD License
PHPoto 0.5.6 Graphics
PHPoto is a photo gallery system for the Web
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
Blackdown Java3D for Linux 1.3.1 Graphics

Free To Use But Restricted
Redstone FileGarden 1.2.5C-05-10-2006 Graphics
Redstone FileGarden comes with an editor and a built-in file manager which support MIME and default file extensions. Redstone File
GPL (GNU General Public License)
The JGenerator 2.2 Graphics
The JGenerator is a web server production application that dynamically combines text, graphics, and sound to build rich Flash�
The Apache License
freeglut 2.2.0 Graphics
freeglut is a completely OpenSourced alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) library
Freely Distributable
Glips Graffiti SVG Editor 1.3 Graphics

LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
PandaLex PDF Parser 0.5 Graphics

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Common C++ RTP 1.5.0 Graphics
GNU ccRTP is an implementation of RTP, the real-time transport protocol from the IETF (see RFC 3550, RFC 3551 and RFC 3555)
GPL (GNU General Public License)
LeoCAD 0.73 Graphics
LeoCAD is a CAD program that uses bricks similar to those found in many toys (but they don't represent any particular brand)
GPL (GNU General Public License)
JCCad 25062004 Graphics
JCCad is a project to develop a Free 2D/3D CAD program that can be used to create technical drawings. One of the main goals of thi
GPL (GNU General Public License)
ImageBackup 1.8 Graphics
This is a small Perl script to create backup CDs out of images
MIT/X Consortium License
Some Tools for Image Collectors 0.7 Graphics
stic bundles a few Linux tools which are intended to support the task of collecting an unreasonable amount of pictures (preferrably i
BSD License
jLogo 2.4.0 Graphics
jLogo is a LOGO interpreter, featuring as many turtles as you want, color graphics, graphical text tools, and multichannel sound. jL
Advanced Slide Show Software Graphics
The Advanced Slide Show is designed to display your slides in sequence with a range of changover effects
Other/Proprietary License with Source
yappa-ng 2.3.2 Graphics
yappa-ng is a very powerful but easy to install and easy to use online PHP photo gallery for all Operating Systems (Linux/UNIX, Windo
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Image Display System 0.82 Graphics
IDS (Image Display System) is a CGI written in Perl that interactively generates a photo album website
BSD License
GeoTools 2.2.2 Graphics
Geotools is an open source Java GIS toolkit for developing standards compliant solutions
GPL (GNU General Public License)
ivtools 1.2.4 Graphics

MIT/X Consortium License
Engauge Digitizer 3.0 Graphics
Engauge Digitizer project is digitizing software that converts an image showing a graph or map into numbers
GPL (GNU General Public License)