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MusicScript is an open-source music scripting language for linux

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 47K
Developer: David Piott
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MusicScript is an open-source music scripting language for linux. It is capable of creating complete songs from a script, using drum machines, synthesizers, samplers, and many effects. MusicScript was created by David Piott as an alternative to the limits of real-time music programs. With MusicScript, there can be an infinite amout of loops, tracks, samples, effects, etc. You create the song as a script file, which MusicScript will interpret and turn into a wav file.

Usage: musicscript [scriptfile]
output name to write audio as, [scriptfile].wav by default
samplerate sample rate to write audio as, 44100 by default
channels number of channels, 1=mono, 2=stereo(default)
bps bits per sample, 8, 16(default), 32, or 64
I(directory) add an include directory
D(name) define a number to 'name'
wave load a wave file before running the script

To install, in the musicscript directory type:
then as root type:
make install
or copy the executable into a directory in your path.

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