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MyJgui is a light-weight graphical user interface for MySQL databases

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 30K
Developer: Veron Taka
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MyJgui is a light-weight graphical user interface for MySQL databases. It aims to be easy to use for new users as well as experts.


After the MySQL Front project went commercial, there was no light weight, feature rich and free mysql gui application that I considered worth running.

So I got stuck to the mysql binary and console front end. After awhile I realised that there is too much typing involved, and that many of the tasks could be automated and quickened only if a free mysql front application could be run.

I like the phpMyAdmin project, but first - it's not always available, and because of the need to install it on every server, I don't consider it lightweight.

Java was chosen as the programming language because of it's portability.

As a programmer I try to enhance the gui with the application development in mind, so many features added in the furure will be driven towards application development, even though many administration features are going to be included as well.

Here are some key features of "MyJgui":
Automaticaly expanded database tree showing all the databases.
The middle right pane shows the output of show table status when clicked on the database in the tree
The middle right pane automaticaly moves to the results of sql command when a command is triggered
SQL command textarea supports triggering of marked commands
Detailed sql command details and history at the bottom of the right pane as well as showing of all the possible errors and response values
Clearing of the sql command history

Java 1.4.2 or later

What's New in This Release:
Column sort was added for "Content of table".
Two options were added in the "Preferences" menu: "SQL sort" and "Automatic refresh of content of table".
If SQL sort is on, the sort will be executed via SQL.
If automatic refreshing of table content is true, the "Content of table" will be automatically refreshed after inserting, updating, or deleting from the current table.
These two options are saved in the "" file.
The application icon was changed.

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