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MyPhpMoney is a tool written in PHP to manage bank accounts thru a web interface

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
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Developer: MyPhpMoney Team
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MyPhpMoney is a tool written in PHP to manage bank accounts thru a web interface.

MyPhpMoney uses mysql to store data and relies on PHPLIB (template, session and database abstraction).

MyPhpMoney is organised around 6 principal modules :

Count book:
- Module in which you enter your operations and balance your accounts.

Schedule of payments :
- The shedule allows you to know the date due on your coming payments. You can also select a month or a year in the schedule and display all the payments dues on this date

Operation and Recipient :
- The assigment of a Operation or a Recipient to each operation allows you to display in the states a summury of the origin and the destination of your money, indexted by Operation or a Recipient . You can also use the Operation or the Recipient module to follow the detailled information as well as the historical account of the operation for each one.

Loan simulation :
- The loan simulator allows you to evaluate the loan conditions. Thanks to your loan simulator, you will be able to answer questions like : the base of the monthly repayment that I can do, what is the maximal sum that I can lend at this actual interest rases?

Backup MySql :
- Although MyPhpMoney automaticly saves all modification that you make on your files, It is recommanded to regulary proceed at sommes backup copies, better on a floppy disk that you will keep in a safe place. Eventhough, you will be able to use your backup copie in case of a harddisk damage or accidental loss of data

Options & Configuration :
- Allow to configure and parameter the program. (setup automatic save, etc ...)

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