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NAT Monitor is a tool to monitor hosts bandwidth usage in a Linux-NAT network

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Piero Filippin
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NAT Monitor is a tool to monitor hosts bandwidth usage in a Linux-NAT network.

A daemon collects data and clients display them (currently a GTK app with graph and a text version). It detects new hosts, saves up to 12 hours of data, and has a nice summary statistic.

It needs libpcap (0.7.2 suggested, some people reported compiling problems with 0.6.2).
GTK interface need GTK 2.0 (with develop libraries ).


From version 2.0 natmonitor is a multi-component program. It is made by a daemon (natmonitord) and some client
(currently a gtk-based graphical interface and a console application)

You must first create a dir in /var where natmonitord can store last samples, and give it "all users" access
(natmonitord as default runs as NOBODY user for security reason - if you)

$> make /var/natmonitord
$> chmod 777 /var/natmonitord

Then type:

$> make natmonitord

to make daemon and:

$> make natmonitorconsole
$> make natmonitord

to make console version and gtk version

Program from version 1.2 has two configuration file. An example is included.

You must copy natmonitord.conf it to /etc/natmonitord.conf (feel free to modify it to suit your need)
GTK version has is own per user config file, copy natmonitor.conf to .natmonitor.conf in your HOME dir.

Ok now you can run daemon:

$> natmonitord &

Then when you want you can run client apps. They will connect to daemon, collect the data and display them.

From v 0.9 there is a popup menu from which you chan change some settings (but they're not saved to conf file).

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