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Parabuild - An Automated Software Build Management Server Parabuild is a powerful automated build management server developed by V

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Parabuild - An Automated Software Build Management Server

Parabuild is a powerful automated build management server developed by Viewtier Systems. Parabuild helps software teams and organizations of all sizes reduce risks of project failures, increase productivity and save money.

Parabuild features an effortless installation process and easy overall use, remote multi-platform builds, automatic (integration) builds, stable scheduled builds, fast Web user interface, growing number of supported version control, and issue tracking systems.

With Parabuild you build with pleasure!

Here are some key features of "Parabuild EAP":
Easy To Administer

Simple installation. A typical installation takes less than three minutes. The time consumed until the first build run is under 15 minutes if your build configuration does not require installation of additional software on the build server.
Low to zero administration overhead. After Parabuild is installed, the only administrative task that needs to be performed is periodical backups. All build and user management is done remotely through Web UI. With Parabuild need to open a shell at the build server is rare.
System stability monitoring. Parabuild offers immediate notification to build administrator about various infrastructure errors such as unavailability of external resources, runtime configuration, system errors, etc., so that immediate actions can be taken to fix the problems.
Group based security. When needed, Parabuild allows to limit access to build statuses, results, and logs to groups of users.

Fast Web User Interface

Easy to use Web user interface (UI). Parabuild offers intuitive Web UI for access to builds statuses, logs, results, and release notes. See Parabuild screen shots.
Dashboard and detailed views of builds statuses. Dashboard view offers the "bird eye" view of statuses of all configured builds that is convenient for the see-you-all type of monitoring. Detailed view allows close monitoring of a selected build and provides online information about the build status, last build run result, last clean run result, and changes in the current or last build run.

Automatic Integration And Stable Scheduled Builds

Automatic builds. Also known as continuous integration builds, automatic builds ensure that new changes do not break the project code base. Parabuild starts automatic builds at every check-in or a group of check-ins. Parabuild reports build results through e-mail and instant messaging (IM).
Stable scheduled builds. Scheduled builds run at configured time. With Parabuild scheduled builds are always stable - they do not break even if the current code base is broken. Scheduled builds are a perfect fit for running nightly, daily, or QA builds.
Remote multi-platform builds. Parabuild supports running builds on remote build boxes. Build manager and remote builders can run on different platforms. Windows, Cygwin, Linux, Solaris, HP UX and generic Unix, including Mac OS X, are supported. Parabuild maintains the access to build administration, statuses, logs and results from a single build management server even if a build run remotely.
Multi-step builds. Build configurations can define one or more build steps. Each build step may have its own build script, success and failure patterns, and a timeout.
Build scripting tools independence. Parabuild will build any project that can be built from a command line - shell scripts, Perl, qmake, make, MSBuild, nmake, ANT, nANT, Maven, Jam, VB - you name it.
Multiple builds per server. Parabuild allows to configure running multiple builds at a single Parabuild instance, including builds running at remote build boxes .
Advanced build failure detection. Parabuild detects build failures by inspecting the error code returned by a build script and/or by finding configured textual failure patterns in build logs.
Build timeout control. Parabuild allows setting a build timeout per a build step.
Build labeling/tagging. If configured, Parabuild labels successful builds according to configured label name patterns.
Build results notification. Parabuild provides e-mail and instant messaging (IM) notifications about build results to build participants and optionally to other members of the team. XMPP (Jabber) IM is supported. Parabuild supports using e-mails configured in VCS.

Version Control and Issue Tracking Systems Support

Version control integration. Parabuild supports the growing number of version control systems (VCS). Perforce, Visual SourceSafe, CVS, Subversion are currently supported. Integration with other VCS currently is under development. Smart synthetic change lists for CVS are supported to allow painless integration of changes.
Multi-line VCS repository paths. Parabuild supports projects requiring multiple VCS depot paths.
Issue/bug tracking integration. Parabuild offers automatic fetching of release notes for scheduled builds from growing number of supported issue/bug tracking systems. Jira, Bugzilla and Perforce jobs are currently supported.

Build Archive and Search

Build log archive. Parabuild allows to configure the archiving of selected build logs. Archived build logs are available for online viewing. Parabuild supports the following log types: single-file text and html, directories with text files, full-blown html logs with directories and images and growing number of specialized log types currently including output from JUnit, PMD, and findbugs.
Build results archive. Parabuild offers built-in archive of build results (artifacts). Archived build results are available for download upon build step completion. Supported result types are single files and directories.
Automatic archive compression. To reduce space occupied by the log archive, Parabuild automatically compresses logs according to a configurable number of days. Deletion of logs and results is performed as according to the build administrator's request.
Build results search. Parabuild allows to search text and HTML logs, change lists and builds results.
Statistics charts. Monthly and daily build run and change list charts and build breakage distribution charts are available.

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