QuFTP 1.0.7 review

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QuFTP is a command line ftp client for Linux

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: David Parrish
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QuFTP is a command line ftp client for Linux. It supports the selection of multiple files for upload and download, which are transfered with one command. I wrote this client out of because i didn't saw any reasonable FTP client for linux.

I can almost guarantee that there are bugs in this thing, but it seems to be reasonably stable here, and I can use it for my day-to-day FTP needs. If you find any bugs, or have any comments, please let me know at david@dparrish.com.


make install
cp example.quftprc ~/.quftprc

quftp -h

type "help" to get a list of commands in the program

Feel free to modify the .quftprc file to your liking, there are
instructions included in the file.

Should be sufficiently easy. You must have the GNU readline 4.0 libraries
installed with the headers in /usr/include/readline. (That's the place
for it in Red Hat). If you are getting segfaults logging in, it's probably
because you have an older version of readline installed. This is something
I would love to fix.

I don't plan on porting to Windows because it's not worth it.. there
are plenty of good FTP clients for Windows 95, such as Bulletproof FTP
(http://www.bpftp.com/). I don't have access to any *NIX systems other
than Linux, but if you want to port it to anything else, go ahead,
just let me know, preferably with patches.

Script files can be created as just plain text files. These can contain
any valid quftp command, which will be run one after the other. Run the
script with the -s parameter or the run command. If any command fails,
script processing will cancel, unless the -i (ignore errors) parameter
is specified.

The .quftprc file is just a script file that is always run on startup.

Here are some key features of "QuFTP":
Select an unlimited number of files for upload or download
Full scripting ability
Command Line Completion
Work with multiple FTP servers simultaneously
Transfer files directly between servers
Transfer any size files of any type

What's New in This Release:
Can transfer files with spaces (Bug 204270)
Don't segfault on responses without response code (like MOTD)

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