RegExplorer 0.1.6 review

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License: QPL (QT Public License)
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Developer: Jan Borsodi
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RegExplorer project is a regular Expression Explorer.

It allows for writing regular expressions and visually see the matches, thus making regular expression much easier to write and maintain.

RegExplorer requires Troll Tech's Qt library (2.00 or later unless stated otherwise, recommended is Qt 2.1.1 and Qt 2.2.0).

What's New in This Release:
Fixed a bug where only the first history file would be loaded.
Fixed a bug where only the first character in plain text output would be displayed.
Added preliminary support for Perl.
Added preliminary support for PHP.
Added preliminary support for Qt.
Added support for code output.
Removed IMPORTANT NOTE from source files, they were never meant to be there.
No parsing on startup which makes it faster.

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