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Sintags is the Akelos Framework special syntax for view Templates

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Bermi Ferrer
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Sintags is the Akelos Framework special syntax for view Templates. The Akelos Framework uses PHP as its language for templates, but sometimes looping and printing PHP vars becomes a repetitive task that makes your view templates look not beauty.

The Akelos Framework doesn't want to force you to learn another useless template language. You have the power of PHP on your templates, but in some cases there is need for a graphic designer to create templates for views, so we have added a very limited syntax that allows you to create simple but powerful templates on WYSIWYG HTML editors.

This special syntax is known as Sintags (where "Sin" comes from the Spanish word for without) which is a set of rules on your view using only "?", "_", "{", "}", "end", "." and "-" characters. Parsed Sintag is converted to PHP code and cached as a .php file for better performance.

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