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Steghide is a stenography software

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 7K
Developer: swed
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Steghide is a stenography software. In short I can describe how it is used. You need jpeg, bmp or wav file and the file you want to hide.

Steghide will compress, encrypt and embed this file into jpeg, bmp or wav mentioned above. Nobody can see that this file contain another file. But if he has steghide and knows password, he can get embedded file out of original file.

Steghide is console programme and I just wanted to make some script that allow all the people to use it even though they don't like console programmes. With this script, you can use steghide just by means of right button in Konqueror. If you click on the jpeg, bmp or wav file by right button you will see in "Actions" possibility to embed file or extract file.

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