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Sticker is an Elvin tickertape messaging and virtual presence client that provides a high degree of desktop integration and speciali

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Developer: Matthew Phillips
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Sticker is an Elvin tickertape messaging and virtual presence client that provides a high degree of desktop integration and specialises in flexible handling of ticker messages.

Here are some key features of "Sticker":
Scrolling ticker or threaded tree views for reading and sending messages
Integrated virtual presence
Multiple tickertapes
Message processing rules
Secure messaging
Windows desktop integration

What's New in This Release:
Reduced CPU usage on Mac OS X from unusable levels to below 10%. Further reductions await improvements to SWT's animation timer support.
Updated to SWT 3.1. SWT 3.1 significantly improves support for Linux, Solaris and OS X and this update fixes various bugs on both platforms, including truncated text in combo boxes on OS X.
Added full application menu support for OS X, including support for accelerator keys for the Preferences command and other common commands.
The docking default location has been changed to the top of the screen on OS X so it appears under the main menu. This works better than at the bottom, which is often used by the dock.
The currently active presence status is now shown as checked on the status menu.
Reduced the sensitivity of Sticker's "idle detection" logic to reduce liklihood of mouse jitter affecting accuracy.
Now tries to use a shortened version of the local domain in the default user name if available e.g. "user@dsto" rather than "user@sticker". If a domain is available, it is also suggested as a presence group default.
Fixed a bug that was hiding subscribed "personal" groups in the preference window.
The Windows installer no longer installs Sticker as a startup item for all users, just the local user.
The Escape key no longer exits Sticker.
Message actions "Beep" and "Mark read" can now be negated (i.e. can specify "Do not beep" and "Mark unread").
Added "Copy Message" command to ticker context menu.
Disabled auto hide for Gnome. Will be re-enabled when it's implemented.
Improved the order and naming of message actions.
Fixed error when using a scope combined with "*" for Elvin connections.
Fixed problems with launching the system default browser for opening attachments. No longer requires workaround for Firefox users on Windows and users of any browser on OS X and Linux.
The "Online People" window is now titled "People Online" for consistency.
The Messages Window and message composition dialogs now appear as top-level windows on Windows and Gnome (they are now visible in the taskbar).
Autopopup now works correctly on OS X.
Fixed problems with presence status sometimes showing Sticker as offline when in fact it is connected. This often occured after a server restart.
Now executes a full reconnection cycle if disconnected for more than 30 seconds. This works around various reported but intermittent errors that seem to be due to the auto-reconnection logic in the Java Elvin SDK.

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