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TeXwiz is a document creation wizard for LaTeX documents that supports many of the extremely useful features provided by KOMA script

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Nic Doebelin
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TeXwiz is a document creation wizard for LaTeX documents that supports many of the extremely useful features provided by KOMA script. While most LaTeX editors have similar built-in wizards, they usually only provide very basic functionality and prepare documents most authors would be able to create by heart.

The reason for this is probably that the programmer doesn't want to limit the writers to a specific layout - which is of course a possible approach. However, when writing LaTeX documents there are often several ways of doing things, but only one correct way.

Therefore TeXwiz allows the user to set most of the options that have to be set in a majority of all documents and produces LaTeX code which is in compliance with two important publications about DOs and DON'Ts: LaTeX S?ndenregister (in German) and the KOMA script documentation scrguien / scrguide (included in most LaTeX distribution).


When TeXwiz is started for the first time, the texmf and localtexmf directories must be specified in Edit->Preferences..., otherwise the package search function will not work. If all options are set up to match the users preferences, they can be saved as default in the Edit->Preferences... dialog.

Note that there are lots of dependencies, e.g. KOMA options can only be set up if use KOMA script is checked, or letter options can only be configured if the documentclass is letter. The same applies for PDF-, bibliography-, and some list options.

If everything is set up for the document, and the title, author etc. are filled in, select File->Preview... to preview the LaTeX code, or File->Save as... to save the code to a *.tex file.

The Add package and Edit BibTeX styles dialogs provide a search function which searches the texmf and localtexmf directories for *.sty and *.bst files, respectively. If these directories are not specified, the function doesn't work. However, the lists can easily be filled by hand if the search function doesn't work for some reason (it hasn't been tested on Windows and Solaris yet).

TeXwiz is a pure Qt application (http://www.trolltech.com) and runs on all operating systems supported by the Qt-libraries version >= 3.2. Precompiled binaries are available for different operating systems (see section Download). Of course a working LaTeX installation is recommended.

What's New in This Release:
Uses KDE file dialogs on Linux (optional)
New download location

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