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TiEmu is an emulator of Texas Instruments hand-helds (TI89/92/92+/V200)

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 2216K
Developer: TiEmu Team
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TiEmu is an emulator of Texas Instruments hand-helds (TI89/92/92+/V200). TiEmu is full-featured with a graphical debugger.

Here are some key features of "TiEmu":
support TI89, TI89 Titanium, TI92, TI92+ and V200PLT hand-helds
full-featured graphical debugger (source, memory, breakpoints, traps, vectors, stack, trace, ...)
debugger supports : run, step in, step over, step out, run to cursor
ability to load/save the emulator state
file linkport emulation (direct loading of files)
works with 1/2/4 MB ROMs, 128 or 256 KB RAM
emulate HW1, HW2, and HW3
can run from ROM dumps or FLASH upgrades
automatic ROM version/model detection
constrast emulated (try [Alt] + [+] & [-])
pretty fast emulation engine
sreenshot of LCD and/or calculator in several images format (JPG/PNG/ICO)
TI keyboard useable directly from PC keyboard or with the mouse on the skin
archive memory support as well as ghost spaces
full emulation of HW1/2/3 protection (stealth I/O)
no buggy MC68000 SR & nbcd (TiEmu can't be detected as VTi : you have true emulation)
4-level and 7/8-level grayscale support (thx Kevin !) for both HW1 and HW2/3
the letter keys are aliased to produce their respective letters. No need to press the Alpha key, just type (TI89).
keyboard mapping and menu shortcuts are fully VTi-compatible
keyboard mapping can be customized thru keymaps files

linkport emulation has not been tested with USB cable yet
no debugger while sending/receiving a file to/from the virtual calculator
no linkport logging capabilities yet

GTK+ version 2.8.x

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