TRIPP 0.2 Alpha review

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TRIPP is a utility to rewrite incoming and outgoing IP packets

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 152K
Developer: TRIPP Team
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TRIPP is a utility to rewrite incoming and outgoing IP packets. Since it can rewrite both headers and payload, it can be used to configure the tcp/ip stack behavior in order to perform various tasks mainly intended for network tests, simulations and development.

It is configured via a small rule-based language, which allows the user to intercept packets, set arbitrary header values, increment or decrement numeric header fields, set an arbitrary payload, rewrite parts of the payload, or fragment, multiply, or drop packets.

TRIPP project is totally user-level and doesn't require any kernel module.


What's New in This Release:
An IP options handler, a virtual clock for TCP timestamps, a packet delayer, a packet marker, the ability to match packets randomly, the ability to limit rewriting to a specific host only, the ability to pass rules directly via the command line, and the ability to set a payload for empty packets were added.
A bug that prevented payload rewriting on little endian systems from working correctly, a routing problem on BSD systems, an endianess bug with payload rewriting, some parser bugs, an IP broadcast bug, and many OpenBSD problems were fixed.

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