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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Diego Petteno
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Unieject project is an eject command drop-in replacement for Linux and FreeBSD that ues libcdio to send commands to devices.

It supports all the features of the standard FreeBSD eject and the most important ones of Linux eject.

It also features a library to access functions to lookup devices and mountpoints, unmount and eject devices.

At the time of writing (pre-1 release), this is still not API-stable nor well documented, but this is going to improve in next versions.

The command line tool instead is a mimic of classic eject command for Linux ( http://eject.sourceforge.net/ ), which supports also the features of
FreeBSD's eject command ( http://www.freshports.org/sysutils/eject/ ).

It hasn't a complete syntax compatibility with either Linux's or FreeBSD's ejects as they have conflicts between them, but the main options are the same.

It can fully replace FreeBSD's eject (in both atapi and atapicam mode), and already mime the main options of Linux's eject.

libcdio (version 0.74 or above)
libconfuse (2.5)
a Compiler

What's New in This Release:
Implementation of --traytoggle option, as for latest eject releases.
Fix for running on PowerPC and other platforms where chars are unsigned.
Fix a few bashisms in the configure script, and make gsed now optional.
Add XHTML documentation of unieject(1) and unieject.conf(5).
Build system reorganisation to build faster with parallel make.

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