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Vidigi is a very simple image viewer I wrote in C++ using the QT4 framework

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Andrew Young
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Vidigi is a very simple image viewer I wrote in C++ using the QT4 framework. It should compile without a problem on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.

I wrote Vidigi because I needed a simple image viewer that I could use without licensing restrictions on the Windows machines at my office. There are already several good image viewers that fit the bill on Linux, but I needed one for Windows, so I rolled my own.

Since Windows is my default platform for development (yuck!) I test the Windows binary most throughly. I provide a Linux binary below in case you don't want to build from source. It works on my copy of Kubuntu at home, but I don't guarantee that it will work on other distros. If you'd like to contribute a build, please let me know!

Due to licensing restrictions with the GIF file format, the version below won't handle GIF images. It does handle bmp, jpg, png, mng, xpm, and several other formats though. (It uses QT's built-in image handling, so adding a QT image plugin for a given file type will also add support to Vidigi for that file type, in theory. In fact, the Linux build of QT4 seems to support GIF out of the box. I need to build the GIF plugin for QT/Win, but I've had problems rebuilding QT/Win so I haven't bothered yet!)

Features I'm working on for future releases:

Drag and drop support
GIF support in Windows
More image formats

This is mostly for my own use, but I figured that other people might find it interesting as well, so here it is. It is licensed under the GPL , so feel free to take a look at the source and make whatever changes you want. This is my first real C++ app, and my first QT app, so don't be too hard on me.


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