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ViewPortageX is a karamba theme written in Python and designed for every Gentooist out there! It parses and gi

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 32K
Developer: Jinidog
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ViewPortageX is a karamba theme written in Python and designed for every Gentooist out there!

It parses and gives you uptodate informations about the updates in the portage-tree.

You can select an option to display packages you have installed on your system only. This way you have always an overview, what emerge -p world would print out if you sync now.

This made me syncing only once in a week instead of once a day. This is reached through a database, which stores all new packages in a database and you can watch them when they moved out of the list long ago.

But this is not all, ViewPortageX gives you all features that provide.
You can search through the portage-tree and you can select a package and view it's versions and keywords.

Here are some key features of "ViewPortageX":
automatic updates itself if I release new versions
minimizes traffic by parsing only packages, that are really new and not the whole
saves all fetched data in database that uses the cpickel-libary, which means fast writeout and readin of the package-data
completly themeable by using my widget-libary, which makes it easiere to create dynamic interfaces with karamba
it knows which packages you have installed and displays them boldly (or only them), because updates to installed packages are the ones that really interst you
this theme is not a static information displayer, you have many interaction possibilities; you use this theme, not just watch it
the only karamba-theme I know that provides checkboxes and comboboxes
probably I forgot many things, try it out

- When reloading the theme in a running superkaramba instance, the pagebutton bar at the bottom is missing.
This is a ugly bug, for which I have no explanation.
(probably a bug in superkaramba)
- When doing an automatic update under KDE 3.5.1 superkaramba will lock completly. You have to kill it with killall -9 superkaramba and start superkaramba again. This is a bug in superkaramba und KDE 3.5.1.


What's New in This Release:
fixed a small parsing bug of the description when doing a package search or viewing a category
recently there was a new keyword added to portage, so that the keywords table of the package view did not fit into the superkaramba-widget anymore. (x86 fbsd, thanks flameyes) So I had to make the extended view 20 pixel bigger.

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