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x10mp3 is a plug-in for xmms and WinAmp

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Andrew Bythell
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x10mp3 is a plug-in for xmms and WinAmp. x10mp3 will allow you to control XMMS/WinAmp using an X10 remote. It is intended to be used as a replacement for the Boom 2000 Software. See below for requirements and compatibility with the various X10 remotes.

The main platform for x10mp3 is Linux. Some of the information on this site is only relevant to Linux versions.

The Boom2000 software is a seperate application, developed by X10, that sends messages to assorted programs like WinAmp and RealPlayer. There are two things wrong with that: 1. you must start a seperate application everytime you launch your Mp3 player, and 2. you must use Windows (blech!)

Since x10mp3 is a plug-in, it is started automatically everytime you run XMMS/WinAmp. x10mp3 has additional features that Boom2000 does not, like balance control, fast-forward/rewind, pause, etc. Also, Boom2000 doesn't run on Linux - x10mp3 does.

the xmms player version 1.0.X or higher
the XMMS development libraries and headers available here.
GTK 1.2.X development libraries and headers

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