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Xandros Desktop OS version 3 is the ideal Linux distribution if you're migrating from Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Xandros Incorporated
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Xandros Desktop OS version 3 is the ideal Linux distribution if you're migrating from Microsoft Windows. Xandros Desktop OS is an intuitive graphical environment that works right out of the box and offers unrivaled compatibility with Microsoft Windows.

Xandros Desktop OS assures rock-solid stability and security, along with the freedom that an open environment provides.

Here are some key features of "Xandros Desktop OS":
Web Browsing, E-mail, and Instant Messaging

Speedy, stable, standards-compliant browsing with Mozilla Firefox
Automatically filter out spam in an easy-to-use mail reader
Turn off annoying pop-up ads and banners
Surf multiple web sites in one tabbed window
Chat with others on MSN, Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, and IRC in a single instant messenger

Getting Down to Work

Edit and create new Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations in a full-featured office suite, OpenOffice.org
Publish any document to PDF and make your documents portable across any platform.
Create powerful spreadsheets compatible with Microsoft Excel
Publish dynamic web-based shows to Macromedia Flash
Run Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and Macromedia Dreamweaver on your Xandros desktop
Create great graphic effects with the GIMP image manipulation program
Put the weather, news or dictionary definitions on your panel

Games and Multimedia

New! Built-in data DVD burning from Xandros File Manager
Write music or data CDs directly from Xandros File Manager
Copy CD's and perform drag-and-drop backups
Convert audio CD tracks to WAV, Ogg, or MP3 (requires MP3 encoding license, not included)
Connect easily to hundreds of digital cameras
Record sounds to your computer from your microphone or stereo
Play MPEG movies, Macromedia Flash movies and streaming video
Play streaming audio, MP3, WAV, MIDI and other audio files
New! Play back CD audio digitally and eliminate the need for a physical connection between sound card and CD drive

Make Your Network Connections

New! Protect your system using the Personal Firewall wizard
New! Go wireless with expanded wifi support
New! Connect to your work or school VPN with the Xandros PPTP VPN support
Access Windows drives by letter in Xandros File Manager
Seamlessly share files and resources on Windows networks
Drag and drop files from anywhere including Windows network shares and FTP sites
Quickly locate, by name, any computer on a Windows network
Right-click a folder or printer to share it with others on a Windows network

Free updates to your desktop release

All registered users receive a free subscription to Xandros Networks:

Download and install free fixes and patches for your version of Xandros Desktop OS from one secure source
New! Get notified of updates immediately with the Xandros Networks panel applet
Single-click access to one of the world's largest inventories of free Linux software

The Amazing Xandros File Manager!

Xandros File Manager is the heart and soul of your daily desktop experience:

Seamlessly share files on Windows and Unix networks
Create archives of selected files with a single click
Drag-and-drop files to create music CDs and data CDs and DVDs
New! Recursively change properties of files in selected sub-directories

... plus many other features make "XFM" the best all-in-one file tool in the business.
Run Key Windows Programs in Xandros Desktop Deluxe
The Deluxe Edition of Xandros Desktop OS Version 3 adds several outstanding benefits:

A special Xandros edition of CodeWeavers CrossOver Office 4.1 which lets you run popular Windows productivity software, such as Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Quicken, Dreamweaver and Lotus Notes, in Linux, without any Microsoft OS license costs
CrossOver Office expands your Linux web browsing experience with Windows plugins
Disc 2 with bonus applications, games, and tools

Additional Features

New! Shield your files from prying eyes with automatic encryption
New! Acquire images through the USB scanner support
New! Support for new nVidia and ATI PCI-Express video cards
Install in just four clicks with automatic disk partitioning
Allocate installation space from a FAT, VFAT, FAT32 or NTFS partition
Forget about your hardware with Industry-leading hardware detection & configuration
Appreciate the Xandros-enhanced desktop
New! Synchronize your system clock with a network time server
Enjoy the Web experience of the Mozilla Web suite or choose the popular Firefox browser for Web surfing
Get your work done with the OpenOffice.org suite
A 350 page User Guide (boxed version only, PDF for download)
10 page Getting Started Guide
Online Help
60 Days installation technical support via e-mail
Xandros User Forum access

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