Pedeto 1.0.0 review

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License: Other/Proprietary License
File size: 2061K
Developer: G&H Softwareentwicklung GmbH
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Pedeto is a plugin for Eclipse that provides a fully featured IDE for Perl.

Pedeto features full Eclipse integration, content assist, background syntax checking, code folding, syntax highlighting, a debugger, and much more.

Here are some key features of "Pedeto":
Fully integrated into Eclipse
Support for multiple Perl installations
Wizards for creating new scripts and modules

Content assist
Background syntax checking
Annotations, showing errors and warnings
Code folding
Incremental build
Customizable syntax highlighting
Advanced navigation features (CTRL+click)
Tooltip help (see pod documentation of commands/methods by hovering with the mouse over the command)
Outline view of the currently edited file
Support for Tasks (TODO, FIXME)
Auto indentation
Automatic insertion of closing brackets, pattern delimiters, quotes
Display pod comment when content assist window is shown (if available)

Stepping (next, into, over, return)
Automatic display of variables

Source code control
Every SCM system supported by Eclipse can be used

Project management
Work with any number of projects (which can also depend on eachother)
Projects in the workspace can be closed, if they are currently not being worked on

Supported platforms
Windows 2000/XP
Mac OS X (x86 based)
Solaris 10 (x86 based)

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