TeXlipse 1.1.0 review

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TeXlipse plugin for Eclipse provides support for LaTeX projects

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: TeXlapse Team
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TeXlipse plugin for Eclipse provides support for LaTeX projects. TeXlipse is primarily aimed at users who already know the basics about LaTeX, newbies will surely find it useful but also a steeper learning curve.

Here are some key features of "TeXlipse":
Syntax highlighting
Document outline
Code folding
Build support
Annotations for errors (while editing)
Content assist (completion of commands and references)
BibTeX editor and BibTeX-support
Line wrapping
Table editor
Support for several platforms (Windows, Linux, OS X)

a working version of Eclipse

What's New in This Release:
Fixed bugs

spellchecker German bug (1448209)
HUGE removed (1359189)
action definitions brought up to date
Content assist does also show up if the word is completely written out
Building La Te X? files sometimes hangs if using PDFLatex, dvips, dvipdfm (Bugreports: 1250251, 1271026, 1459296, 1178625 )
New scanner rule for better detection of Latex environments (egin ... end)
Correct build cancelation
project properties have the text "propertiesMakeindeStyle", changed to "Makeindex style file"
If partial build is enabled Ctrl+4 does not show the correct dvi and more problems with partial build (Bugs: 1309525, 1189791 )
Create Latex project -wizard doesn't always show "Finish" button, 1225463
Fixed: Lauch correct viewer when preview document (i.e. acrobat if project output is pdf) (Bugreport: 1237703,1177664 )
bibtex parsing: "" causes an error as a field value
bibtex parsing: entries and abbrevs can now be in arbitrary order, more accurate code folds
Correct line wrap respects (Parts of Bug 1220408)
1448209 Fixed NPE when trying to run aspell on a file with an encoding aspell doesnt recognize.
1221380 Fixed bug where aspell didn't recoginize Eclipse's ISO-8859-1 encoding due to different naming conventions.
Fixed wrong detection of math environments
Fixed a bug of the spell checker that occurs with some Aspell versions (e.g. cygwin)
Outline: Cannot include figure* 1351051

New features

smartkey ldots and deletion (backspace deletes e.g. '{i}, ldots completion (1329272, see http://vim-latex.sourceforge.net/documentation/latex-suite.html#smart-keys )
content assist for marked regions with customizable style options (e.g. marked text can be bolded)
new fancy context info formatting for content assist
command completions for math environment with pictures, 1172760
separate content completions for different environments
command completions with template-style brace jumping
abbrevs (@string) now expanded in Bib Te X-completions?
full document outline 1173076 and 1462947, with partial parsing
new latex output parsing, adds style errors for errors such as overfull hbox
several problem markers can be displayed on the same line
still more math environments supported
math symbol menu with pictures
text hover for cite and all commands as well as math symbols, 1433446
text hover for reference show corresponding label in context (even for cross-file references)
jump to label from a reference
customizable templates for math mode
custom labels, e.g.
ewcommand{mylabel}[1]{label{#1}#1} supported in parsing
added support for different
ef commands, 1351054
missing end -error also highlights the corresponding begin
Windows specific: Closes Acrobat Reader before rebuilding a project if output format is pdf, or displays an error message if build fails because of a locked pdf
Bring eclipse back on top after inverse search
Option to bring focus back to eclipse after a preview launch (nice when using two monitors, so you can continue editing)
Automatic launch of preferred viewer for the current output format on preview. Preferred is closed to the top in the preferences. Re-uses previously created launch configs if they match the preferred viewer.
Bibeditor, new warnings: duplicate keys, duplicate fields, empty fields, missing required fields (even with crossrefs), invalid crossrefs, duplicate abbrevs (@string), missing abbrevs
Bibeditor, sorting the outline: by index, author (grouped by author), by journal or by year
Bibeditor, multilevel outline
Added user option to update launch configs when changing defaults in the preferences
If a latex file contains errors, ask the user if he wants to continue building

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