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A-Gen is a web album generator tool that generates static web pages from templates

License: BSD License
File size: 61K
Developer: A-Gen Team
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A-Gen is a web album generator tool that generates static web pages from templates. Templates are just like normal HTML-files with some minor markup for the template processor. A-Gen project takes a template and a set of pictures and outputs a directory containing a web album consisting of static HTML pages.

With A-Gen you can create static web albums feasible for use directly from a directory. Therefore you are not bound to using a webserver (although you can of course put such an album into a directory served by a webserver).

As the album consists of static HTML files only, no further software is needed (apart from a browser of course). These albums should be so easy to use, you could even send one your mother-in-law without getting badly hurt (ok, depends on the contents of your album).

Here are some key features of "A Gen":
No special software required to view the albums (webbrowser only)
Low performance requirements (as the albums are static HTML pages, serving can be done without much memory or processor power)
Decent template system for creation of album themes (templates are based on HTML with a handful of simple template commands)
standards conformance (depending on the template used, webalbums will comply with HTML or XHTML standards)
fast (the software is written in C++ so creation of the albums does not depend on some heavy weight interpreter)

What's New in This Release:
This release fixes compilation bugs with GCC 4.x (already done in the unreleased 0.1.1 version).
It fixes dependency problems on Ubuntu and Debian unstable.

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