AIM 1.5 by America Online, Inc

Yahoo Messenger 1.0.4 by Yahoo! Inc.

Aegis 4.22 by Peter Miller

AmigaSHELL 2.3 by Commodore-Amiga, Inc.

East-Tec DiskSanitizer 2.1 by EAST Technologies

Gaim 2.0.0 Beta 5 by Gaim Team

EDASCII 1.0 by Naskita

EditPad 5.4.5 by Jan Goyvaerts

FileBackup 0.70 by Igor Menshikov

gentoo 0.11.56 by Obsession Development

Glimpse 4.18.5 by Internet WorkShop

Webglimpse 2.17.0 by Internet WorkShop

Gsh 0.1.3 by Bellsouth

gtk-splitter 2.2 by Gunter Wambaugh

Hackedbox 0.8 by Larry Owen

iBackup 2.27 by Free Software Foundation, Inc.

LinuText 1.3 by Naskita

Linuxconf 1.35r1 by Solucorp

LoST 0.97 by Cuendet

MPlayer 1.0 RC1 by The MPlayer Project

Mtools 3.9.10 by Mtools Team

nxt 4.1.0 by Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Pop3eye 0.7.1 by Brian Moats

PPPGun-Dialer 1.1 by Roudy Veve

SFM 1.5 by Naskita

Xine 1.1.3 (xine-lib) by The xine-Project

X-files 1.43 by Juha Forst?n

Xplore 1.2a by Albert Graef

Zorgan 1.2 by Naskita

Xflop 1.0 by Naskita

SPlotter- 1.2 Simple Plotter 3D by Naskita

SMAN 1.2 by Naskita

by Larry Owen

Arkeia Server Backup 5.2.28 by Arkeia Corp.

Portable OpenSSH 4.5p1 by OpenBSD Project

Clam AntiVirus 0.88.7 by Clam AntiVirus Team

bash programmable completion 20060301 by Ian Macdonald

Util-linux 2.13 pre7 by Andries Brouwer

procps 3.2.7 by Albert Cahalan

Red Hat Linux 9 by Red Hat, Inc.

Fedora Core 6 by Red Hat, Inc.

SquirrelMail 1.5.1 by The SquirrelMail Project Team

Tiki CMS/Groupware 1.9.7 by Luis Argerich

Downloader for X 2.5.7 by Chuchelo

SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3 by Novell, Inc.

ProFTPD 1.3.0a by Korenwolf

BitTorrent 5.0.3 by Bram Cohen

Links 2.1pre26 by Martin Pergel

Pure FTP Server 1.0.21 by j

gFTP 2.0.18 by Brian Masney

Ghost for Linux 0.21 by Ghost for Linux Team

JFtp 1.49 by David Hansmann

Krusader 1.70.1 by Shie Erlich & Rafi Yanai

GProFTPD 8.2.8 by Magnus-swe

GNOME Commander 1.2.3 by Marcus Bjurman

BIE 6.0.4 by Brunswick Corporation

AFD 2005-11-21 by Holger Kiehl

Zoe Intertwingle 0.6.3 by Zoe

Inkscape 0.44.1 by Inkscape

FreeJ 0.8.1 by RASTASOFT

Centericq 4.21.0 by Konstantin Klyagin

VOCP 0.9.3 by Psychogenic INC

TkVoice 1.5 by Peter

Samba 3.0.23d by Andrew Tridgell

Skype by Skype Technologies S.A.

Linphone 1.5.1 by Simon Morlat

ANT 0.1.12 by Roland Stigge

db4o 8.0 by Carl Rosenberger

MetaBoss 1.4.0001 by metaboss

MySQL 5.0.27 by MySQL AB.

PostgreSQL 8.2.0 by PostgreSQL Global Development Group

Berkeley DB 4.5.20 by Oracle

phpPgAdmin 4.0.1 by Christopher Kings-Lynne

phpMyAdmin by phpMyAdmin Devel Team

TUTOS 1.3.20060914 by Gero Kohnert

SVG Icons 0.3.0 by Vadim Plessky

IceWM Theme Designer 3.2 by PhrozenSmoke

FontForge 20061014 by George Williams

Gtk+ 2.0 Change Theme 0.3.1 by Aristotle Pagaltzis

Gtk-Qt Theme Engine 0.7 by David Sansome

SuperKaramba 0.39 by Adam Geitgey

Smb4k 0.7.5 by Alexander Reinholdt

Really Slick ScreenSavers GLX Port 0.8.1 by Tugrul Galatali

Xlockmore 5.21 Alpha by David Bagley

Code-Forge IDE 4.5-1.5 by Yuri Mironoff

Fluxbox 1.0 RC2 by Henrik Kinnunen

Plone CMS 2.5 by Plone Team

man-pages 2.43 by Andries Brouwer

Advanced Bash Scripting Guide 5.5 by M. Leo Cooper

ArgoUML 0.20 by Jason Robbins

DirectFB 1.0.0 RC2 by Denis Oliver Kropp, Andreas Hundt, Sven Neumann

PPort 0.6.8 by Corcalciuc V. Horia

BIND 9.3.3 by ISC Software

Dnsmasq 2.35 by Simon Kelley

Squid 1.2 by Squid Hackers

Stunnel 4.20 by Michal Trojnara

AWStats 7.5 by Laurent Destailleur

sarg 2.2.2 by Pedro Lineu Orso

gpac 0.4.2 by Jean Le Feuvre

Gaim Video and Voice Support 1.2.0 by Tim Ringenbach