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About:Edit is a client/server application that allows you to use your browser to edit your text and source code files directly on the

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About:Edit is a client/server application that allows you to use your browser to edit your text and source code files directly on the server enjoying most if not all of the conveniences of the traditional desktop text editors, including syntax-highlighting, multiple document editing and much much more - just about everything one would expect from a decent text and source code editor.

With About:Edit you can choose between different methods of accessing your files on server - access them directly using the permissions of the web server user, or through FTP or SFTP communication protocols.

About:Edit is available is two separate versions. A complete version, which looks and behaves exactly as a traditional desktop editor, and a plugin version, that allows you to incorporate a syntax-highlightng editor into a web page.

What About:Edit is not

About:Edit is not a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) online HTML editor nor it is a Rich Text Editor. It is a syntax-highlighting editor, doing in the Internet environment the same job as conventional text editors (such as EditPlus or UltraEdit) do in the desktop environment.

Why would I need it?

About:Edit is an unique product with no working alternatives that we are aware of. For some it is cool, but totally useless application. For others, however, it provides a solution to their real-life problems. Some of our customers say they've been waiting for years for such a product to become available. Some shift their entire development online. Web developers use it to power CMS, administration back-end or web hosting applications. Even if none of the above applies to you a smart choice would be to have a backup way to easily access your files while on the move.

What do I need to use About:Edit?

The complete version of About:Edit is a cross-browser, cross-platform, client/server applcation. The client-side part of About:Edit is written in JavaScript and the server-side part is written in PHP. All you need to use About:Edit is a modern version of Mozilla or Internet Explorer browser and a PHP-enabled web server, such as Apache or IIS. The plugin version is intended for web developers and is a pure JavaScript application that can be used with any back-end.

Here are some key features of "About Edit":
Friendly, powerful, desktop-like user interface
Direct, FTP or SFTP access to your files
Color syntax highlighting
Multilingual support
Multiple documents editing
Unlimited Undo and Redo
Integrated search bar
Text selections with mouse and keyboard
Cut/Copy/Paste operations
Soft and Hard Tabs
Auto Indent

What's New in This Release:
This release is a complete behind-the-surface rewrite that boosts performance throughout application layers, and is particularly noticeable when working with large files.
In addition, this version adds complete multilingual support, SFTP (FTP over SSH) support for accessing files, the ability to select text with the mouse, highlighting of multi-line strings and variables in strings, custom colouring of HTML tags and attributes, and more.

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