AcetoneISO 6.6 Advance review

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These two scripts were made to simplify the mount of file *.iso

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 703K
Developer: Fabrizio Di Marco & Marco D'Antonio
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These two scripts were made to simplify the mount of file *.iso . AcetoneISO is perfectly integrated in KDE and it takes use of KDESU.

They are 2 simply scripts that autamatically creates a folder on Your Desktop and mounts the ISO file that is on the Deskop. Be sure that on your desktop there is only 1 iso file or else it will mount the iso file giving priority(i suppose) to the ascii code.


1) mount and unmount ISO and MDF(if iso-9660 standard)
3) Burn Your ISO, CUE, TOC images directly in K3b
4) verify md5sum of image files
5) ability to create ISO from Folder and CD/DVD
6) Mount, unmount, create ISO from Folder or CD/DVD from servicemenu
7) Play a DVD-Movie ISO with Kaffeine, Mplayer or VLC from GUI or servicemenu(only kaffeine)
8) Split ISOs in smaller files of 649MB or 125MB ad merge them
9) Force the mount/eject of a CD/DVD media in your device


What's New in This Release:
NEW FEATURE: ability to directly extract an iso to a folder without mounting it
NEW FEATURE: ability to browse and view files of an iso
NEW FEATURE: ability to convert *.daa image files
NEW FEATURE: ability to generate a cue file from a BIN/IMG image
NEW FEATURE: ability to rip a PSX cd to a bin file
NEW FEATURE: the 8 convert buttons have been reduced to a one OMNI button
CHANGE: default directory in kdialogs is now /home/youruser/
CHANGE: all converters will now install in /opt/acetoneiso/bin/ avoiding conlict with the other packages
bug fix: almost all the code has been rewritten, correct and simply works better
bug fix: the savefile filters have been corrected
bug fix: making an iso of a folder that had files with space in it's name were cut
bug fix: service menu have been updated to the new code
last note: the gui has a fresh and new look :)

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