Achievo ATK 5.6.0 review

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Achievo ATK is an object oriented Web-application framework

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1462K
Developer: Ivo Jansch
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Achievo ATK is an object oriented Web-application framework. Achievo ATK is targeted at developers who wish to focus on business logic instead of coding HTML.

Where other application frameworks mainly provide a large set of utility classes, ATK provides a complete framework that requires only small amounts of code to get usable applications, while maintaining full flexibility.

In other words, even 10 lines of code get you a working application, but everything that is generated for you can be completely customized.

Here are some key features of "Achievo ATK":
Modular architecture
GUI and data internationalisation
Application level record locking
Minimum amount of required coding
Fully customisable
Template driven
Database abstraction
GUI abstraction
User-based, group-based, level-based or custom security schemes

What's New in This Release:
Five new attributes were added (from a simple attribute for manipulating URLs to a calculator that can perform arbitrary calculations on other attributes, as well as an attribute that can turn any other attribute into an internationalised data field).
A new 'shuttle' relation was added.
A 't3skin' theme was added (a Typo3 4.0 look for integrating ATK applications into a Typo3 environment).
An AJAX-based data structure search functionality and an atkMessageQueue were added.
Over 140 improvements and fixes were made.

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