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Actual-X is a web-based program that enables broadcasters to share audio actualities

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 40K
Developer: RFA.ORG
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Actual-X is a web-based program that enables broadcasters to share audio actualities. Digital audio files and information about the actuality are FTP-ed from any location, with Internet access, into Actual-X program. The files are then verified for accuracy, processed and placed into a web access page for real-time preview and insertion into a networked digital audio system. Actual-X allows broadcaster to easily incorporate available digital audio sound-bits into the next broadcast.

Actual-X tries to take a realistic view of the news workflow and the use of news actualities. Actual-X was developed under these workflow guidelines to make the use of audio cuts user friendly. Audio cuts on Actual-X average 40-secondsin lengths though the program is not length restrictive nor, is it restrictive in regards to the number of cuts that can be archived in the system.

The actuality workflow starts with opening the Actual-X program in any web-browser. The Actual-X welcome page is displayed with a list of options. To add an audio cut into the system the user selects Create a New Actuality.

At the 'Create a New Actuality' screen, the broadcaster adds the basic information about the actuality into the form. After the information is entered, using any FTP program the corresponding digital audio file is uploaded into Actual-X. The matching audio file for the information entered must be uploaded before another informational screen can be completed. The new actuality can be viewed immediately in the Actual-X system by selecting the List of Actualities to View option from the welcome screen.

At the 'List of Actualities to View' screen, you're quickly given a full list of available audio cuts, the link to audibly preview each actuality, and a 'one click' transfer of the audio the users specific networked digital audio system.

A third party can authenticate the contents of the cut in order to verify the audio does in fact match the information entered. While viewing the list of cuts there is also an option to display the details. This calls an Actual-X screen that displays all information in the system for the selected cut.

The simple design of Actual-X is in line with the overall design formula of R-BOSS and all its modules. Everything is tailored towards web-based cross platform access, practicality and ease of use.

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