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Advanced Website Creator is a Web development environment

License: Other/Proprietary License with Free Trial
File size: 1540K
Developer: Vesselin Atanasov
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Advanced Website Creator is a Web development environment. Created websites use an MVC framework written in PHP 5 and a simple database abstraction layer.

At present the database layer supports MySQL and PostgreSQL as backends. All PHP classes are auto-loaded, so there is no need to include() or require() files manually.

Here are some key features of "Advanced Website Creator":
MVC framework similar to Java Struts.
All MVC configuration is done through a web interface. No need to edit arcane .xml files.
A database abstraction layer, with support for the PostgreSQL and MySQL database servers.
Autoloading of all library and user PHP classes. No need to use include() or require().
Integration with most popular PHP encoders.
Full source code is available for the PHP runtime framework.

Apache with mod_rewrite support
Linux with GLIBC 2.1+ support
PHP 5.0+ with IonCube loader
PostgreSQL 8.0+

What's New in This Release:
Support for multiple CSS files has been added.
Now CSS files are edited just like other plaintext files.
A bug has been fixed which prevented running projects that used MySQL as a database backend.
The installer checks if an IonCube loader is present and if not, the loader is added to php.ini.

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