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akk@da is a simple network monitoring system designed for small and medium size computer networks

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 448K
Developer: Piotr Kodzis
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akk@da is a simple network monitoring system designed for small and medium size computer networks. Its purpose is to quick detect system or network faults, and to display information about detected problems for the administrator.

akk@da is designed as a pro-active network monitor. It does not wait for information from any agents, systems, etc. It collects information itself every minute (you can decrease this period to as little as 1 second if needed). Almost all services of the monitored hosts are discovered automatically.

Here are some key features of "akk da":
monitoring of host availability, resources and network services (probes use SNMP, ICMP, raw TCP, SSL, DNS, UCDavis script extensions and many others for checking hosts health and collecting data)
automatic discover of services available on host like CPU, RAM, network interfaces, disks, processes, etc, etc (you do not have to configure it manually, all you have to do is to add a new host (via web based GUI) and akk@da will discover its services for you)
collecting performance data about monitored services (fully RRDTool integrated)
services flaps detection
possible adding you own probes
easy way to add support to SNMP devices not supported by akk@da through the template based model
easy to use web based GUI with support features like:
alarms presentation with option to approve alarms
filterable logs
RRDTool based graphs with performance
configuration of monitored services or hosts
akk@da system status and management
users and groups management
rights management (you can manage right of the group to every single service if you need)
tree based hosts organization - it allows organizing monitored resources in easy to browse and quick navigate schema
views support (you can arrange monitored services in groups you need)
displaying information in compact mode allows you to estimate the host health on first sight
context menus available all the time allows quick access to necessary options, pages
nice look icons which makes easy to identify host/service vendor, function and probe type
web interface looks like standard MS Windows; all GUI written in DHTML & JavaScript - no applets, ActiveX controls and other strange modules.

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