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AKKAR is a LARP administration tool for organizers written in PHP and MySQL

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Roy W. Andersen
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AKKAR is a LARP administration tool for organizers written in PHP and MySQL. AKKAR project has all the necessary features to make the planning of LARP events a lot easier, especially for a group of organizers.

Features include complete management of characters, registrations, players, character relations, character groups (parties) and more.

Here are some key features of "AKKAR":
User accounts
Task-managment to ease the coordination of all the stuff that needs doing when making a LARP
Organizer management
Player management
Game management
Character management
Group (party) management
Acquaintance-system (relations between characters and groups)
File management with possibility of defining attachments to characters, groups and games
Sending of characters through Email, individually or full mailing for the entire game (rtf or pdf formats of characters and acquaintances + any attachments defined)
Payments (non-automatic)
Completely configurable look using CSS
Printer-friendly versions of all views
Templates for registration forms and character forms with unlimited user-defined fields
History - who participated in what game and what did they play?
Plot-system - enter the plot information and attach characters describing their relation to the plots
Automatic generation of registration-form and character submission form for use on your own website
Character Concepts - the possibility of writing a short description of a character months before you start thinking about details, and if necessary send them out to the players so they can get a heads-up on the sort of character they've been assigned
Configuration from within the Web-system - no need to edit configuration-files manually
Backup and restore of the database using the web interface
Simple three-tier access control; Organizer, Coordinator and Administrator
Calendar with markings of any in-system dates, including birthdays, holidays, game dates, deadlines and notes
...plus a few more goodies

PHP 4.3 or newer (Required extensions: mysql, iconv, mbstring, zlib, gd2 and exif)
MySQL 3.23 or newer
A webserver (Apache is reccommended)
A webstandards-compliant JavaScript-enabled browser (Firefox is strongly reccomended)


Unpack the AKKAR archive:
Linux: tar fzxv akkar-x.y.z.tar.gz
Create the directory where you want AKKAR to live.
Copy everything from the akkar subdirectory to the directory you created
Make sure the following directories are writeable by the webserver:


For security reasons, the webserver should disallow read-access for clients to the following directories:


All the files herein are loaded by PHP scripts, so the users never need direct access to the files for AKKAR to work. If you're running Apache, access to these directories will be handled automatically by supplied .htaccess-files.
Open your browser and point it to install.php in the directory where you installed AKKAR (example http://www.example.com/akkar/install.php). Fill out the form and click "Continue".
If AKKAR is unable to create the basic configuration-file you'll be notified and given a chance to download it. You will then have to place it in the conf/ directory in the main AKKAR directory.
Delete install.php from the directory where you installed AKKAR.
Open your browser and go to where you installed AKKAR. Log in using the username and password you supplied in the installation.
Go to the Configuration-screen under the Admin section and complete the rest of the AKKAR configuration.

What's New in This Release:
[martin] (#1576094) It was impossible to delete certain items containing ' due to a Javascript error.
[helge] (#1576842) After deleting a group, the screen would show "No Groups".
[helge] (#1576853) Downloading empty acquaintances lists would produce an error.
[helge] (#1578042) It was possible to delete or change the status of the last administrator, rendering the system unusable.

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