Anca 0.9.1 review

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Anca is a H.323 client for Qt 3.x

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Tom Potrusil
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Anca is a H.323 client for Qt 3.x. It means that it allows communicating (voice/video) with other similar clients over internet, eg. with Gnomemeeting, OhPhone, NetMeeting etc.

Its design is minimalist and clean; has a support for embedded devices. It is very modular.

Here are some key features of "Anca":

Audio/video communication via H.323 v. X
Embedded devices support (framebuffer support, efficient design etc.)
Call diversions - server-side forwarding
Plugin system


Addressbook with LDAP support
DTML tones
OSS sound
V4L video
Video preview

What's New in This Release:
Sound and VideoIn plugins were changed to be compiled with the latest PWLib and OpenH323 FIXED: Video grabber failure resulted in crash

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