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Anthill is a PHP-based bug tracking system

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Vincent Danen
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Anthill is a PHP-based bug tracking system. It is no longer in active development. Because it is released under the GPL license, you may download and modify the code to your heart's content.

Anthill will not be developed by myself anytime in the near future. As a result, the demo and bug reporting facilities have been shut down and all that is available is for you to download the code. As well, the mailing lists have been shut down as well.

Because Anthill is no longer in active development, there will be no further releases, neither bugfix nor (if it were warranted) security fixes. For that reason, unless you intend to develop Anthill on your own and/or have some skills in PHP code, you may wish to find an alternative tracker.

Anthill requires a working MySQL or PostgreSQL database that you have access to, PHP4, and a web server like Apache.


To install, simply untar the file into a temporary location. If upgrading, please be aware that the filesystem layout has changed in 0.2.4 to provide better security so you cannot blindly copy files into your web tree.

Read the README.html documentation in the archive for all of the installation instructions. If you are upgrading to 0.3.0 please read the README.html file first as it contains important information you need to be aware of (particularly the section on upgrading).

Also note that there is a new automatic database updater that will need to be run. It is advised that you make a copy of your database and test your upgrade with it before modifying your live site.

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