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Antmod is a build management, release management, and repository management tool

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Developer: Klaas Waslander
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Antmod is a build management, release management, and repository management tool. Its implementation is an Ant-based extensible engine for retrieving, versioning, building, and deploying code to and from Subversion or CVS.

It standardizes build files for Java projects and provides build plugins for various tasks. Antmod project also standardizes tagging and branching for both CVS and Subversion, and its module and repository management can also be used for non-Java projects.

It greatly speeds up Java software development, promotes reuse of Java software, and standardizes the build-test- release cycle.

Here are some key features of "Antmod":
Standardized out-of-the-box buildfiles
For Java projects, Antmod places standardized buildfiles on module and release level, in this way standardizing the way each module and release is built.
Allow customized builds per module and release
Antmod allows modules and releases to override default behavior in the buildfile by committing a "" in the root of the module with the overridden build logic.
Enable reuse of components across projects
It is as simple as adding the module to the release descriptor of the project.
Modularized approach to software artefacts
Code, documentation, configuration, etcetera is grouped in modules that are versioned in a consistent way per module.
Standardize repository usage
Everything is in a module, the module is the versioning unit, and tagging and branching happens per module. Tag and branch names are standardized.
Centralized overview across releases and projects
Release descriptors describe what a release consists of, and are stored centrally in the repository. This provides a centralized view across releases and projects.
Separate developer and release manager roles
The release descriptors can be maintained by a release manager, and do not have to be maintained by the developer.

What's New in This Release:
This release adds Subversion 1.4 support, improved command-line support, and module-level merge functions for merging to a branch or the trunk.
With the out-of-the-box War plugin for building Web applications, this release is a must-have.
All current users are advised to upgrade.

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