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APSR is a network testing tool, designed to send and receive arbitrary network packets

License: Other/Proprietary License
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Developer: Martin Kluge
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APSR is a network testing tool, designed to send and receive arbitrary network packets. APSR can be used to test firewalls, routing, security and many other things.

The project is splitted in two main programs, apsend to create packets and aprecv to sniff packets. The main goal of the APSR project is to develop a high quality network testing tool.

Here are some key features of "APSR":
Sending and receiving of packets
Ouput and documentation in different languages
Easy installation (autoconf/automake support) and binary packages
Configuration files
Logfiles and filters in a variety of formats (text, xml, sql, gdbm, csv, ...)
Syslog and database (sql) interfaces
Daemon mode
Thread support
IPv4/v6 and MAC resolving
Broadcast / Multicast support
Special "packet-sets" (wake-on-lan for example)
Client/Server system
HTML based management system
Graphical user interfaces/front ends (GUIs/FEs): GTK/QT/ncurses
Module support using a simple packet construction language (PCL)
Plugin support (perl/python or perl/ruby)

Which protocols will be supported by APSR final 1.0 ?

Who knows, currently(0.17-12) we can read more then 110 different protocol headers and create packets for about 30 different protocols.

And what's with the application layer?

Application layer protocols will be implemented through a simple module API. The modules can be written in C or (theoretically) in any other language. They will be loaded dynamically.

What's New in This Release:
A lot of compilation problems have been fixed and the code has been cleaned.
Some (Free)BSD-specific bugs have been fixed.
No new features have been added.
Users are advised to upgrade to this release.

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