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License: Perl Artistic License
File size: 49K
Developer: Adam Kennedy
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Archive::Builder is a file generation and archiving framework.


# Make a builder with one section, and some files
my $Builder = Archive::Builder->new;
my $Section = $Builder->new_section( 'html' );
$Section->add_file( 'one.html', 'string', qq~
Hello World!
~ );
$Section->add_file( 'two.html', 'file', './source/file.html' );
$Section->add_file( 'three.html', 'Custom::function', @args );

# Generate and save to disk
$Builder->save( './somewhere' );

# Create an zip file from it and save it.
my $Archive = $Builder->archive( 'zip' ).
$Archive->save( '' );

# Create a tar.gz file of just one section
my $Tar = $Section->archive( 'tar.gz' );

Perl is often used for applications that generate large numbers of files, and Archive::Builder is designed to assist in these sorts of tasks.

It provides a framework for defining a set of files, and how they will be generated, and a series of methods for turning them into an Archive of varying types, or saving directly to disk.


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