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argstream is a class that facilitates easy parsing of command line arguments in C++

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Xavier Decoret
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argstream is a class that facilitates easy parsing of command line arguments in C++. The syntax is very simple and uses stream operators to parse various types of arguments.

Here is a list of functionalities offered for the parsing of command line arguments :
Short (-c) and long ( --color) names for switches, short names being optional (there is only a limited number of character so you might need to define switches without short names);
Case sensitive switches (-c is different of -C);
Three types of arguments :
option: associated to bool variables that are set to true if the switch is present on the command line or false otherwise (ex: ls -l);
parameter: associated to a variable of any type whose value is set to the argument following on command line (ex: dvips -o;
values: sequence of specifiable length (eventually variable) of arguments on the command line (ex: gzip foo.txt bar.txt foobar.eps);
Possibility for optional parameter with default value;
Possibility for parameter values starting with - through the use of the special -- switch;
Automatic handling of help and errors;
Possibility for complex parsing such as switches available only if a condition is met by previously parsed switches;
Groupable options (ex: tar -xvf foo.tar as a shorthand for tar -x -v -f foo.tar);
Possibility to extend to user defined types very simply;
Simple and concise interface, with just a header file to include (no library to link with);

What's New in This Release:
added wrappers for option/parametes without either short or long names.
Added the patch from Jean-baptiste Denis ( for gcc 3.4.
Updated the documentation.

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