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Arson is a KDE frontend to various CD burning, and ripping tools

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Arson is a KDE frontend to various CD burning, and ripping tools. Arson project was originally begun to burn audio CDs because i could find no other frontends which used cdrdao (in disk at once mode), which could decode various encoded audio formats (mp3, ogg), and displayed accurate track length as the playlist was created. But as usual once the initial plans were implemented I just kept going...

Arson has expanded to be a CD ripper (with many output formats), a VCD/Music/Data burner, a CD copier, a device unlocker, and a CDRW blanker. And that's in the current version!

Here are some key features of "Arson":
Full progress displayed for all lengthy operations
Drag and drop from Konqueror to create play lists
Audio CD Burning

Accurate track length tally displayed as track list grows
Can burn using cdrdao or cdrecord (in Disk at Once, or Track at Once)
Supports various audio file types, currently:

Mp3 (decode using either mpg123 or LAME)
Ogg Vorbis (optional)
FLAC (optional)

Can optionally normalize (in batch or mix mode) all tracks before burning to even out volumes
Supports sox to fix broken audio tracks (tracks not in 44100Khz, 16bit, stereo)
Can open, and optionally verify MD5 disk sets
Can load track lists from m3u files
Supports editing and burning CD-Text info with cdrdao

VCD Burning

Can create and burn VCDs and SVCDs

Data CD Burning

Existing ISO, and CUE/BIN files
Image creation/burning from single directory tree
Complete filesystem creation
ISO images burned with either cdrdao or cdrecord

Audio CD ripping/encoding (rip tracks from CD to file)

Can rip audio tracks using cdda2wav OR cdparanoia
Encoding in various output file formats, currently:

Mp3 (bladeenc, and LAME supported)
Ogg Vorbis (optional)
FLAC (optional)

CdIndex support (a free CDDB-like service)
HTTP retrieval
Freedb support (a free, open CDDB service)

HTTP, and local retrieval
HTTP, and local submit

CD-Text retrieval
Supports generic SCSI and cooked IOCTL interfaces
Auto tagging of MP3 files using id3v2
Configurable audio quality presets (bitrate, channels, etc)

CD-to-CD copying

Direct copy
CD-to-file-to-CD copying
Using either readcd/cdrecord or cdrdao

Data CD ripping

Rip to ISO file with readcd
Rip to CUE/BIN files with cdrdao

Multisession burning
Device unlock/reset
CDRW Blanking

What's New in 0.9.8 Beta2 Release:
Fixed bug #829892 - Icon installation broken
Fixed bug #815006 - Incorrect Freedb Choices. User is now presented with a choice if multiple albums returned
Fixed bug #826786 - Arson crashes when D&Ding a directory
Started removal of KDE2 dependancies, including, etc
Fixed bug with rerunning of configure from a fresh CVS install

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