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ASpiReNN stands for Artificial SPIking REcurrent Neural Network

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: F Henry
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ASpiReNN stands for Artificial SPIking REcurrent Neural Network. ASpiReNN is a little library written in C which, as its name suggests, allows to simulates artificial spiking (or not) recurrent (or not) neural networks.

Here are some key features of "ASpiReNN":
leaky integrate-and-fire support
possibility to add new neuron types
Spike-Timing Dependent Plasticity learning rule
possibility to add new learning rules
fast multilayer networks
best suited for highly recurrent neural nets
Python bindings

A C99 compatible compiler (such as GCC)
... and that should be enough, theoretically. In pratice it will be easier to install on an Unix platform with common utilities such as Makefiles, etc.

In order to install Aspy (the Python bindings for ASpiReNN), you'll need:

Python, obviously (preferently Python2.4)

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