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AstLinux is a custom Linux distro centered around Asterisk, the Open Source PBX

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AstLinux is a custom Linux distro centered around Asterisk, the Open Source PBX. AstLinux has many features that make it ideal for embedded and commercial Asterisk based solutions. However, it can be easily configured to adapt to nearly any situation.

AstLinux has been compiled for 586-MMX and higher processors. Currently, two versions are available - one for the SC1100 series of SBC's (single board computers), including those from Soekris Engineering and PC Engines. The other image (geni586) runs on pretty much any standard PC.

AstLinux has been designed with running from Compact Flash memory in mind. However, it can also be installed to a regular hard drive like other distributions. AstLinux currently occupies around 27mb of disk space, so any Compact Flash card (or hard drive) of 32mb or larger will work perfectly.

AstLinux is also the premier Asterisk Live CD! The AstLinux ISO image is small enough to fit on a business card cd-rom, yet it includes BOTH AstLinux versions, Windows AutoRun support, and of course, el-torrito booting!

AstLinux 0.2.8 is the most recent and exciting release of AstLinux. The AstLinux Live! CD has seen the most improvements, while AstLinux itself has many, many more rc.conf variables, an improved firewall, and a reworked init system just to name a few new features. Download and find out!

Included Software

As mentioned elsewhere, AstLinux would not be possible without the already available selection of excellent open source software available on the internet...

Hardware Support

Thanks to the modular design of the Linux kernel, AstLinux runs on a wide variety of hardware. I'll try to keep this list updated...

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