atropine 0.2 review

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License: Public Domain
File size: 8K
Developer: Moe Aboulkheir
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atropine is a screen-scraping library built on top of BeautifulSoup.

atropine helps programmers make assertions about document structure while getting at the data they are interested in.

atropine library was developed under Python.

Special thanks to Piet Delport for the resolver, null resolver, chain-of-resolvers ideas.

Please note, using this library is not as complicated as it sounds, it consists of only 275 lines of python.

It is better to get no data than to get the wrong data.

The key to screen-scraping the right data is to make a painful amount of assertions about document structure

What's New in This Release:
Some unused imports were removed.
A text only version of the reference was added.
Things were generally tidied up.

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