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Battles of Antargis is a realtime strategy game

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Battles of Antargis Team
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Battles of Antargis is a realtime strategy game. Battles of Antargis's main purpose lies on conquering not on building.

Battles Of Antargis is an open-source game with GPL license. You have one or more heroes that you can control. They can recruit troops and conquer the world. While doing this they have to gather food and weapons. All around are people and animals which populate the world.

Unlike the typical Warcraft-like games, you have to get by with the existing population and resources.

This is a first tech-demo, so please be patient. Apart from this we are searching for new artists and developers.

Here are some key features of "Battles of Antargis":

animated milkshape models (MilkShape ASCII-importer)
static models (Wavefront obj-importer)
shadowmap based shadows (PSMs work in progress)
fustrum culling
shader support


the whole gamelogic is done in ruby, so it should be fairly easy to modify this game.
the whole layout is done in xml
basic dialogs and intro-screens implemented, but nice graphics still missing


edit heightmap
place entities on map


Quick Start:

1) Install ruby, rake, libsdl, libsdl-sge, libsdl-image, libsdl-ttf, libsdl-mixer, opengl. You need the developer-packages of all these libraries/programs!
2) Don't forget to install ruby1.8-dev (or ruby1.9-dev if you use ruby 1.9)
3) After this step no root-privileges are needed.
4) Run "rake" in this directory
5) Run "./antargis" in this directory

Essentials: Ruby, Rake

This game is mostly written in Ruby ( and C++. It uses Rake (Ruby Make) as build system.

Libraries: libSDL,libSDL_mixer libSDL_ttf, libSDL_image, opengl

What's New in This Release:
campaign and tutorial improved
2 single-game maps
some tweaking for video
translations for spanish and german
PPC support at last
speed improvements
many new features like bows and new buildings
new music and some new sounds
many bug-fixes

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