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bBlog is a powerful, elegant personal publishing system written in PHP and released as free, Open Source software under the GPL

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Eaden McKee
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bBlog is a powerful, elegant personal publishing system written in PHP and released as free, Open Source software under the GPL. It is a flexible but simple way to blog that works for blogging beginners, and can grow into a more advanced user's needs.

bBlog is used by thousands of bloggers world wide and has not only the features you would expect from a modern blogging system, but also advanced capabilities including advanced comment spam prevention and threaded comments. Perhaps bBlog's most distinctive feature is that it is built around a templating system called Smarty, which makes customizing your blog as easy as editing any web page, no programming skills required.

Our development process is open, with an active and growing community expanding our capabilities with new modules and improving our core software. Everyone is welcomed to contribute and input.

Here are some key features of "bBlog":
Fast, easy installation gets you up and running in minutes
Complete control of look and feel of your blog
Easier customization through Smarty templating
Modular architecture makes it easy to drop in a new plugin developed by our active development community
Threaded comments
Advanced trackbacks, Blogrolling, XML/RPC, spam protection
Comprehensive support for web standards

PHP 4.1+
Apache/Linux recommended, but bBlog has been known to work on IIS
Note: bBlog does not work on Yahoo's hosting solutions!
For more information, visit the requirements page.

What's New in This Release:
database changes: Added VERSION to bB_config table.
Moved to 0.7.6
Flyspray #69: Added "Check All" to comment admin panel.
Removed Kubrik and Relaxation as they do not meet the standards for 0.7.5/6
Enhanced directory contents and reduced .tar.gz file size.
Flyspray #47: Blank page after logging in fixed.
Flyspray #44: No need for 2 message.html
Flyspray #50: blog name + title showup messed in admin
Flyspray #65: line spacing and archive listing all months for Kubrik and Relaxation themes.
Flyspray #64: Removed die() which prevents integration.
Flyspray #54: Updated max post to 20.
Flyspray #66: mail.php now has the right charset.
Flyspray #67: fixed sql exploit /?postid=something evil
Flyspray #68: Removed limit when choosing individual posts via comment admin panel.

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