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BeaFanatIX is a mini Live CD Linux distribution

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 154604K
Developer: BeaFanatIX
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BeaFanatIX is a mini Live CD Linux distribution. It was originally a remaster of BeatrIX but now uses a more recent Ubuntu core (more on that below). BeatrIX itself is partly on an old version of Ubuntu, but makes heavy use of Knoppix technologies. The common ancestor of all these distributions is Debian.

What's the catch? You'll get a fully functional desktop operating system running off a standard or a mini (3", 8cm) CD-ROM (or CD-RW). The only thing your computer needs to be capable of is booting from CD - most modern machines can do that without any problem. Apart from using it as a Live CD, you can also install it to your hard drive as an independent operating system, so if you like it, put it on your hard drive and enjoy enhanced speed, usability and efficiency!

BeaFanatIX inherits some very useful features from the distributions it is based on:

Knoppix has excellent hardware recognition and comes with a usable installation script.
Ubuntu is geared towards the desktop and ease of use.
Debian gives you access to a vast amount of software packages ready for immediate use.
BeatrIX is highly portable and has been optimised to run even on older and less potent hardware - that's why Bea* (BeatrIX or BeaFanatIX) may be the best way to revive an old computer sitting useless in a corner of your attic!

BeaFanatIX, true to its BeatrIX roots, has been optimised to enable even a less experienced user to have a working desktop within minutes - work with documents, surf the web and communicate over the internet. We've chosen a slightly different approach, though: While slimming down the ISO image even further, we've integrated a number of useful software packages without sacrificing key functionality - and without exceeding the size limitations for a mini Live CD.

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