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Developer: University of California, Berk
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Unified Parallel C, in short UPC, is an extension of the C programming language designed for high performance computing on large-scale parallel machines.

The language provides a uniform programming model for both shared and distributed memory hardware.

The programmer is presented with a single shared, partitioned address space, where variables may be directly read and written by any processor, but each variable is physically associated with a single processor.

UPC uses a Single Program Multiple Data (SPMD) model of computation in which the amount of parallelism is fixed at program startup time, typically with a single thread of execution per processor.

What's New in This Release:
- Add initial native support for the Cray XT3 via new 'portals' network
- Implement the GASP 1.5 performance instrumentation interface, supporting the
Parallel Performance Wizard (PPW) and other third-party profiling tools.
- Add bupc_ticks_to_ns() - finer granularity timer query
- Add the Berkeley implementations of the UPC collectives and UPC-IO to GCCUPC+UPCR
- Add most of the Berkeley UPC library extensions to GCCUPC+UPCR
- Add upcdecl command-line tool (also online at:
- Add support for alloca() and stdarg.h
- Performance improvements to the BUPC semaphore library for signalling store
- Add bupc_thread_distance() - runtime thread layout query for hierarchical systems
- Add a remote fetch-and-add UPC library extension (initially just for 64-bit ints)
- Allow configure-time tuning of bit distribution in packed pointer-to-shared rep
- Fix the following notable bugs in 2.2.2 (see for details):
- bug525: optimizer crashes on Tru64/CompaqC for libgasnet
- bug1229: More robust preprocessing on Compaq C
- bug1389: ansi-aliasing violations on small local put/get copies
- bug1531: improved lock fairness to remote lock requests
- bug1594: timer inaccuracies on Cray X1E
- bug1645: preprocess-time failure 'Backslash found where operator expected'
- bug1657: PACKAGE_* symbols exposed to UPC code on GCCUPC+UPCR
- bug1683: improve upcrun handling of -shared-heap-max
- bug 1743: More robust behavior when backend C compiler changes
- Improved SRV-based DNS failover for upcc HTTP translation
- Add gzip compression to HTTP netcompile, for faster compiles over slow links
- Improved robustness for SSH netcompile to handle stray output from dotfiles
- Numerous misc minor bug fixes

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