Bestix 2006-04-05 review

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Bestix is a Linux live CD

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 680112K
Developer: Bestix Team
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Bestix is a Linux live CD. Two features distinguish this system from others:

(1) A simple user interface
(2) Outstanding language support

Bestix includes the following popular programs, and not much more:

The software dialog helps you to download additional software if you need it.

Bestix supports your native language:

by including all current translations of
by including a large set of fonts and keyboards.
with character input methods (scim) for Chinese / Japanese / Korean.
with a simple menu to help you choose the region/language when you start the CD.

The level of support varies from language to language, ranging from full support (translations of Firefox and, perhaps with spell checking) to font and keyboard support, with no translations. To find the status for your language, click here.

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