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BinClock - Displays system time in binary format

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 12K
Developer: Nico Golde
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BinClock - Displays system time in binary format. It supports showing the time with eight different colors, and it can run a loop that prints the time every second.

The default colors and characters for printing can be changed with a config file. It has a normal mode and a traditional mode.

BinClock supports the colors:



1. `cd' to the directory containing the package's source code and type `make' to compile the package.

2. Type `su` for super user permissions and type `make install' to install the program.
Alternative you can install it with `make install' without super user permissions and put the program in another path.

3. You can remove the program binary in the source directory by typing `make clean'.

4. You can uninstall BinClock by typing `make uninstall'

What's New in This Release:
little fix in error message
new command line option "-t" if -t is set binclock prints the time in the traditional binary mode, it displays it as 0000 : 0000 : 00
use of perror

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