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Bitrock LAMPStack let's you take advantage of the stability, low cost and high performance of the LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, PHP/P

License: The Apache License 2.0
File size: 85829K
Developer: Bitrock
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Bitrock LAMPStack let's you take advantage of the stability, low cost and high performance of the LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, PHP/Python, and MySQL) without the hassle of integrating, configuring, and supporting your own build.

Bitrock LAMPStack provides an integrated package that can be used by both commercial and open source projects for rapid, consistent deployments across a variety of Linux platforms.

Bitrock LAMPStack is free to download and use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license. We also offer support plans to complement our open source offering.

Here are some key features of "Bitrock LAMPStack":
Simplify and Streamline Your Infrastructure

Easy to Install: Bitrock LAMPStack is packaged with Bitrock InstallBuilder, which allows for easy installation in GUI, text, or unattended modes in both servers and developers' workstations.
Multiple Platform Support: The same binary will work on multiple Linux versions, so you can standardize on the same platform across multiple distributions (and in the future, Windows and Solaris.)
Consistent Installations: Using Bitrock LAMPStack will allow you to ensure consistency with your deployments, whether you are running 2 servers or 200.

Save Time and Resources

Ready to Run: The components in Bitrock LAMPStack have been compiled, tested and configured for maximum performance, security, and an excellent out-of-the-box experience. This saves you hours of time downloading, configuring, and testing your own LAMP environment.
Controlled Environment: With Bitrock LAMPStack, you can standardize on the same environment across developers' workstations and production servers.
Commercial Support: Until now, many businesses and individuals have been reluctant to use open source due to a perceived lack of formal support. Our comprehensive support plans provide a single resource for getting your questions answered and enable you to confidently deploy LAMP in your environment.

Avoid Vendor Lockin

Open Source: The flexibility and freedom provided by open source puts you back in control of your infrastructure.
Standardization: BitRock LAMPStack provides you with the best solution for adopting the most popular web development platform on the Internet.
Cost Effective: Grow your infrastructure without the additional cost of license fees.

What's New in This Release:
Updated to Apache 2.0.59 because of mod_rewrite security issues.
This release also includes updates to the Zend Framework (0.1.15) and phpMyAdmin (

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